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A Partner rather
than an Investor.

Our firm specializes in the emerging technologies industry, and only in this industry. We also only invest in seed capital at the earliest stage, from idea to scale-up. Which makes us unique among the private equity sector. We engage as a partner to bring startups to the top through our financial long term commitment and our international network of expertise and connections.

Our partners typically come from the information technology world, but also from biotech and neuroscience. Most of them have also been entrepreneurs and know what it takes to build a sound growing business. We then prefer to use our flair and governance more than plain classical valuation. We prefer strategy and leadership to numbers.

Our firm favors a flexible approach where our investments portfolios adjust to the technologies and maturity for adoption. We believe that even the more advanced technology may not find its market if the timing is wrong; even if reversely, entrepreneurs shouldn’t focus only on what customers say they want. Additionally, some markets are over-served with overpriced features they don’t really need, and are also good targets for blue ocean strategies.

The more hyped technologies are most of the time overvalued. So instead of following the crowd, our advisers work on detecting the emergent ones. Notably by scanning the academic research field, less connected to entrepreneurship yet, though from where many innovations come from. We also continuously leverage our large network by connecting the dots to cross-fertilize their innovations.

We believe that comparable company analysis or expected discounted cash flow valuation are stale-dated approaches with the new pace of technology change. There is no more “all other things being equal”. Alchemy is the art of arranging some components interacting with their environment in specific conditions.

Relative valuation comparing with trading multiples the current value of a business to other similar businesses, or comparing a target company to another having recently been sold or acquired in the same industry is only relevant for a “me-two” or “volume” business.

We only invest in startups able to disrupt -better: to transform- their existing market, either by new offerings or through new business models. Applying standard investment governance in a field where the uncertainty is so big doesn’t make sense. A profit formula is specific to each case, and the chances of success greatly depend from the leadership of the founders.

We see our entrepreneurs and co-investors as invited guests to a party where we are the hosts. It’s our job and passion to make every important aspect of our joint ventures an opportunity for development and growth.

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Venture Capital
Global Advisory
M&A Governance
Asset Management
Wealth Management
IPO & Fund Raising
Equity Marketing

01.  Funding

We deploy our firm’s capital, alongside that of a selected group of private and institutional investors. We also deal with alternative financing vehicles such as crowdfunding, investment syndicates, or ICOs

We invest in all startups’ financing stages up to the IPO. We participate in primary offerings, from seed to growth, as long as we’ve been involved in early stages and got access to Series A stocks

02.  Advisory

We participate in the ventures of our customers, alongside business-angels, incubators, and R&D research centers. And we provide advice to small to mid-sized corporations, private equity, families and entrepreneurs.

We provide a wide-angle and impartial perspective that helps our customers reach their objectives. We help them design financing solutions and leverage strategic alliances.

03.  Management

We combine long-term perspective even in complex landscapes, with innovative investment vehicles. While optimizing performance on investments, we also minimize risk and safeguard assets.

Our understanding of technological long trends makes us consistent in delivering good returns on bespoke investments and advisory services. We are independent in securities selection, and we pursue truly lasting partnership.

04.  Introduction

We provide a range of equity marketing, investor relations, and capital markets services to facilitate public listings (IPO). We help enhance companies’ exposure, reach, and engagement with the market.

We leverage our understanding of technologies with our legal, financial, and technical expertise to provide ICO advisory for the Crypto and Blockchain economy, from project analysis to due diligence.

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An idea that is
not dangerous
is unworthy of
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care of itself.

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The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works.

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The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works.

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We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.

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